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The Incredibles, a whole family with power !

The incredibles family

"The Incredibles" appeared in 2004 in an animated film produced by Pixar for Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the story of Mr. Incredible, a super-powered hero, that had to retire after complaints against him for abusing his powers! Leading a quiet life, he was offered the opportunity to work again : he has to go to a desert island to find new adventures. But it was a trap, and the whole family will help him out! Each member of the Incredibles has supernatural powers and can use them at will : Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible's wife, can extend her body over ten meters. Violet, the girl, is able to make herself invisible and project a force field. Dash, the boy, is able to run at the speed of light, and finally Jack-Jack, the baby can turn himself into a fireball.

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The Incredibles Thin Ice Play The Incredibles Thin Ice Play as frozone, one of the characters in the movie Incredibles!
The Incredibles Word Search Play The Incredibles Word Search Find all of The Incredibles characters names before time runs out. You have 10 minutes!


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