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What you need to know about Batman !

About Batman and his history

Batman's real name is Bruce Wayne. His parents were killed when he was a child. Since that time he has promised to become a lover of justice. He has no power but with his wealth he will invest in technology, and with his intelligence and good physical condition, he will become a super-hero of modern times. Batman uses a lot of gadgets, like his Batmobile and Batarang. He is assisted by Harold, his deaf and mute assistant. His main enemies are Mr. Freeze, the Joker, Penguin, Jason Todd, Scarecrow and Two-Face.
Most the stories take place in Gotham City, a dirty city, corrupt, where there are a lot of crimes.

We have 71 related games for Batman

A Batman short Play A Batman short Find your hero batman in this new adventure like a street fighter game.
Bat Pang Play Bat Pang Classic pang game with Batman where your main goal is to destroy balls that bounce around the screen.
Batdog Play Batdog Batman has taken vacation and left Batdog in charge of Gotham City. Lex Luthor filled the city with kryptonite...
Batgirl Dress Up Play Batgirl Dress Up You are a Bat Girl superhero that prowls the city streets at night in search of people who are up to no good. ...
Batman - Countdown To Conflict Play Batman - Countdown To Conflict Get a ringside view in this head to head boxing combat game. batman must defeat clock king and other opponents...
Batman - Proto Bat-Bot Play Batman - Proto Bat-Bot When Batman's robotic defenders go astray, it's up to Proto Bat-Bot to save the day!
Batman - The Joker Card Play Batman - The Joker Card You and Batman were caught up in a fight with Joker who has unfortunately taken you both hostage. You're both ...
Batman - The Knight Rider Play Batman - The Knight Rider A Thrilling adventure with Batman - The Knight Rider.
Batman 3 - Save Gotham Play Batman 3 - Save Gotham The Joker is attacking Gotham and only you can stop him. Help Batman to defeat the Joker by using your aiming ...
Batman 3 - The Dark Knight Ris Play Batman 3 - The Dark Knight Ris Find the differences between the images that seem alike before the time runs out. Use your mouse to play this ...
Batman 3 - The Dark Knight Ris Play Batman 3 - The Dark Knight Ris Find the hidden letters in this image from Batman before you run out of time! Use your mouse to play this game...
Batman Barrels Of Peril Play Batman Barrels Of Peril Batman needs your help to rescue his fellow heroes! Gorilla Grodd has captured Batman's crime fighting team. G...
Batman Biker 2 Play Batman Biker 2 Batman is practicing is bike skills for when there is danger in the city try to compleet each and every level ...
Batman BMX Play Batman BMX The king of the night is patrolling the city on his bmx, help him to complete all levels.
Batman Brawl Play Batman Brawl Batman Brawl! is a flash game made for Warner Brothers Animation for the serie Batman: The Brave and the Bold....
Batman Car Racing Play Batman Car Racing Batman is taking his car out for a test drive. Can you help batman to complete every level?
Batman Cave Run Play Batman Cave Run Batman was chasing joker and now batman is stuck in the cave, Help batman to escape from the cave, jump over t...
Batman crimewave Play Batman crimewave Joker has kidnapped Robin and took control of the television signals of Gothic City, your mission is to rescue...


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